Helicopter transportation will be provided by Bering Air, Inc., using the Robinson R44.  The R44 is a comfortable, safe, four-passenger helicopter that is perfect for hauling a couple fishermen and their gear to a remote location.  The old saying that “getting there is half the fun” certainly applies here.  Depart right from the cabin for an awesome view of the Alaskan Wilderness, with a chance to spot bears, moose and musk ox, then pick a bend on the river to start fishing.  
Helicopters allow access to places unreachable by other means.  We will normally take out groups of two passengers plus gear, and do multiple trips for larger groups.  At the end of the day (or end of a float trip) there is no set rendezvous point, since the helicopter can land on any gravel bar that the group wishes to stop on.  The passenger weight limit is 300lbs per person. 
Bering Air has a long-standing reputation in Western Alaska as a quality air carrier with a superb safety record. They operate a large fleet of fixed-wing as well as rotary-wing aircraft year round, and have been in business since 1979.  You will be flying with professional pilots who make their living flying year-round in Alaska.